Welcome to Saint James’ Church, Quedgeley!

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12th Century Octagonal Font

12th Century Octagonal Font

Welcome to Our Web-Page 

If you SCROLL the pages of this web-site you can read and see for yourselves the “Litany of God’s Blessings” on this parish.

 QUEDGELEY with its 12th Century church has been dramatically transformed in the past 20 years or so from a very rural farming environment and village to a bustling and vibrant community. 

KINGSWAY, historically has always been part of the parish of Quedgeley albeit in the days when it was a Manor, Farms, green fields and orchards. Today Kingsway stands as a hive of activity and population with new housing, business and social enterprises. The development of Kingsway brings the total parish population to around 15-16 thousand. 

THE PARISH CHURCH goes from strength to strength with a regular Sunday congregation of about 80-90, and an ever improving place at the heart of the community. 

AS you will see through our web-pages there have been many new and fresh innovations to compliment established and ancient historical past. You might like to read my letter under Rector & Parish Priest which gives something of the flavour of our shared joy of the past and our hopes and aspirations for the future

Chancel of St James

 I am proud to be the Rector of this parish, following in a long line of priestly and rectoral succession which goes all the way back to AD 1210 and beyond. 

Take a look inside this site and see for yourself the diversity and outreach of this parish and church – Good reading 

With Prayer and every Blessing 

Fr John 

Rector of Quedgeley and Kingsway